Take the 30 day challenge! Get in prime shape FAST!

Solvei McKenna



Do you have an upcoming wedding? A special occasion?  New job you booked? Going on a beach vacation? Want to look great for a loved one? Want to fit into that outfit? Have a deadline before you have to look your best? Are you running out of time? Any other reasons not listed? RESCUE is here!  

Quantum Body and Mind specializes in transforming your body and mind in record time.  

What is unique about CBM is this, you will receive help with ALL the aspects of transforming your body, the physical, the mental, and the emotional.

Quantum mechanics teaches us that all possibilities exist simultaneously.  So a better healthier super gleaning fit YOU is already existing as a potential, and together we are going to manifest that potential.

Your physical regiment will consist of:

6 days a week of one on one powerful effective workouts with celebrity trainer Solvei. For 30 days straight I will help you transform.  In the gym, outside, and in-home.

Training consists of:

Weights, cardio, muscle sculpting, Pilates, Yoga, core fit, barre,

Indoor and outdoor training, using balance ball, pilates ring, weights, and kettle bell.  No machines, just your own body weight and workout tools.

Nutritional regiment:


Plant-based nutrition plans with plenty of delicious choices to choose from.  (You will not starve!!)

Mental and emotional regiment:

Calming meditation music to help your body rest and recoup.

Guided meditation downloads to listen to when getting up and falling asleep to help break old habits and patterns.  To have any kind of lasting results, we work on our attitudes and old tapes by bringing our brain frequency into alpha or theta (slower brainwave rhythms, which make us more suggestible and allow for us to shift old beliefs that have kept us trapped.

Brainwave entrainment programs, to reprogram the mind away from self sabotage into  a positive vibrant you (audio).

Writing and speaking exercises to re-create the new you!  Some exercises are done with me, and some are homework.

Will you experience resistance?  Yes.  But that’s why I'm here.

Will you want to quit or skip a day at times?  Yes and that’s why I’m here

You will feel so amazing by the time you’re done, you will never want to go back to not feeling that way ever again.

Follow up programs are available to maintain a healthy attitude and body.

The physical training is structured for 1 hour a day for thirty days

On top of this you have a structured plan to follow in form of meals, guided meditations and emotional support 24/7.

Think of it this way, you’re an athlete getting yourself prepared on all fronts.

I am here to guide you through it all in a nurturing yet focused way.  

I will help you, you are not alone.  Let’s make something magical and lasting happen, the magic is you feeling and looking amazing!


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