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THE FIT YOGINI - Solvei's yoga and fitness programs:

I have taught yoga and fitness for over 22 years.  My background was in dance and gymnastics.  All my life I have taught, and picked up tidbits from others who walked before me.  I have incorporated what has proven to give great results, and have combined it with my own inventions, using the balance ball, light weights mixed with power yoga and Pilates.  

"On the ball" with The Fit Yogini from Solvei on Vimeo.

There are many methods of training on the market.  A lot of what's out there promises results within an unrealistic period of time. Anything is said in the name of making a buck.

Naturally we all seek something that motivates us, gets great results in a reasonable amount of time and lends itself to becoming a part of our lifestyle rather than us becoming a slave to the gym for the rest of our lives! 

My clientele spans from Hollywood celebrities to troubled teens as well as professional athletes and seniors. 

Throughout the years I have designed several yoga and training programs
It can be done ANYWHERE. Wherever there is room for a yoga mat, that's all the space you need.

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Holistic training is organic, deep, and highly focused, the tempo is a bit slower, and the end result is a highly toned body and a balanced nervous system.

The key is: Willingness to be willing... I'm not even asking you to be willing, I'm saying WILLING TO BE WILLING.
So instead of thinking, I'm going to have to keep this up for the rest of my life!" - we simply remind ourselves, one time is better than not at all.  TRY IT! 

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