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Be seen with VeganGreen:

      • VeganGreen is dedicated to connecting all plant based (vegan/vegetarian) businesses across the globe, promoting anyone and everyone who are in the business of improving 1. the health of the planet, 2. the health of our animals, 3. the quality and health of human life.  
      • VeganGreen is a listing service with special featured promoting large and small businesses alike to the vast global green/vegan/vegetarian/nature preserve communities.
      • 10% of all products sold on VeganGreen's website goes to Mercy for Animals. 
      • VeganGreen is a subscription referral website for all businesses and sole proprietors, who follow and wish promote a plant based, green lifestyle.  Even business owners who are not in a vegan or green business, but follow a plant based lifestyle privately, are welcome to list with us.
      • VeganGreen is based in California with branches in Scandinavia, France, England, Holland, Australia, Germany, Latin America, and in all the US states.
      • VeganGreen is used by small local mom and pop shops, to large environmental organizations.
      • VeganGreen products are offered, featuring a recipe of the month, a featured band/musician, success stories, a featured business owner and a blog filled with tips on how to improve diet, exercise and boost your business. 
    • Greatness starts with one small step.  VeganGreen is dedicated to bringing out the best in you, your community, and your business.

      VeganGreen brings the entire plant based/vegetarian and green movement together, in one big market place, welcoming all who already follow a plant based lifestyle, as well as welcoming all who wish to explore it more.  

      VeganGreen is a referral website, where you can in one click find the best of the best, in business, in community and in people, who's businesses specialize in plant based or green content, products and services.  

      VeganGreen opens its arms to you, come as you are.  Enjoy this forum. Our goal is to inspire, to boost, to invigorate and to celebrate!  VeganGreen is good for business and good for the customer.

      When listing your business with us, it will be marketed globally to the entire green/environmental and plant based community, across the globe from North American to European markets, across Asian, African, South American, and Australian markets.  There are no requirements for listing with us, except for this: That you personally, or your business supports a healthier market place,(food/commerce/lifestyle/state of the planet/prosperity/animal welfare), that you support green commerce opportunities, that you are interested in a plant based diet and lifestyle.

      For less than a quarter a day, you can practically get free marketing of what you do.  

      Listing with VeganGreen cost less than 25 cents a day!  For just one quarter, you and your business will be marketed to the entire network of green/ environmental/plant based communities, so your product will fall straight into the hands of those who are actively seeking someone like you.  

      We are here to help, our goal is to create a win-win situation for all, businesses, customers, wildlife, and the planet.  

      !0 % of any purchase or subscription, goes to one of the animal protection organizations listed in the submission form. 


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