Quantum healing - Mind over matter

Solvei has extensively worked with cancer patients, Parkinson's disease patients, and with people suffering from autoimmune diseases. Applying the principles of new biology and quantum physics, Solvei helps individuals heal and turn their energy and bodies around from sickness to better health.  

New discoveries in biology states and confirms scientific proof that our cells are not controlled by our genes and DNA, but controlled by our environment, our internal environment (such as thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) as well as our external environment (homeostasis, peace, stress)..

Our internal and external environment determines the fate of our cells, and our health.

The health of our bodies are also determined by the amount of time we spend in growth and repair vs. being run by the hormones of stress, which is for most people 60-70% of our lives.

The body can not be in protective mode (fight or flight) AND in growth and repair at the same time, it is either or.  The survival response of fight or flight, is essential, but over longer periods of time, the body starts breaking down, and our immune systems stops working as it should.

Meditation, and especially the guided meditations which I create for individuals, based on what they desire to change in their lives, have an enormous impact on the 50 trillion cells in the body.  Through these meditations and by bringing my clients into a trance-like state, their brainwaves slow down from high beta (stress, fear, anger, worry etc) to alpha and that (order, coherence, love wholeness). In this state we are able to bypass the analytical mind, and enter our subconscious, where all "programs" all learned automatic behaviors, habits emotional knee-jerk reactions are stored, and we can create a new habit, based on the quantum model of reality, which teaches us that all possibilities exist simultaneously.  Even the better, healthier,happier, more whole, more peaceful version of our current selves. 

The work is extraordinary.

Solvei is a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, and is a keynote speaker on healing the body from a quantum perspective.  


For more information contact SOLVEI at: solveisunway@gmail.com

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