A little training pr. week is better than NO training at all.  Shorter intervals are often better than one big over the top session pr week. Sometimes if we get over ambitious, we crash and burn.  If we start looking at our training & well being regime with dread and overwhelm, we might abandon our new commitments prematurely.  It's supposed to be fun too!  We use positive re-enforcement to encourage ourselves.  And this is a BIG part of my job, to remind you of why you are showing up.  And to help you stay highly encourage, and to point out your progress.  Honest, positive re-enforcement is key.  When did scolding ever get us anywhere?  Or the feeling of inadequacy, when was that ever inspiring?
Yes, we have to show the willingness to start, but soon the way we FEEL is so wonderful, that we simply can't imagine life without taking care of ourselves & our bodies.  It has become integrated into our way of life and the anchor to our suit of well being.
I can't teach you discipline, but I can motivate and encourage you to enjoy feeling and seeing yourself transform, physically, mentally
emotionally and spiritually.  I promise to keep a watchful eye on any and all self sabotage, which can sneak up on us all at times. 

Personally I'm vegan, and I find that my body performs much better this way.  I'm a firm believer in a plant based diet. By now in 2014, we have tons of material to prove how much better a plant based diet is for the body, the brain, and the planet.  I will not enforce this upon my clients though I will suggest they try it.  It is the quickest most healthy way to eliminate heart disease, fat, diabetes and other completely unnecessary illnesses.
On a note of vanity, I look 10 years younger than I am and my skin glows, vitality, physical elasticity and firmness shines through in every cell, SIMPLY because of correct training and a plant based diet. 

If it works for me, it will work for you!  And it's EASY!!!! You know why?  Because a plant based diet does not mean sitting in a dark room gnawing on a carrot!
It can be delicious, you can eat as much as you want, and your body will love you back tenfolds.

Why take pills and be sick if you don't have to? When you cut out meat, fish, eggs and dairy and replace it with grains, tasty fruits, healthy starches, veggies, nuts and roots, then  Most ailments are reversible!

Again, I will not be telling you how to eat, but I will require you to start informing yourself properly, don't expect society to do it for you, then you'll be waiting in vain.  Inform yourself because you DESERVE the best! I'll keep reminding you of that.

Here is a small list of books and DVDs to start with:
FORKS OVER KNIVES (DVD available on netflix)
HUNGRY FOR CHANGE (DVD available on Netflix)