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Welcome to the Quantum Body and Mind Mantra

Before starting your work out and before starting your day write or read this out loud:
      • Am I ready to transform?
      • What am I transforming? (write it out or say it out loud.  Include mind body and emotions  (keep it simple). 
      • Maintaining exquisite health and shape is my new state of being.  What does this mean to me?
      • I make healthy choices for me.  What does this mean?
      • My ideal self is... (include body, mind, habits and emotions): 
      • I surrender to my ideal self.
      • I accept that I may be met with resistance from the old self.  
      • I accept that I may be met with resistance from old neurologically hardwired habits, from years of repetitious thinking and feelings.
      • I accept that I may be met with resistance from old memories and previously stored neurological and chemical patterns.
      • My attitude brings me to my ideal self.  My attitude transforms me from my old self to my ideal self.  
      • My ideal self is already here.  
      • My ideal self is more visible to me and to the world with every mind/body action I take toward this ideal self.
      • My ideal self is already standing here, I simply shed the layers that are covering her/him.
      • When all else fails, I perform the actions my ideal self would do, regardless of resistance.  What are they? 
      • Even one step towards unveiling my new self breaks the connection to the past that keeps me stuck.  What has kept me stuck? 
      • I am detangling from those harmful hardwired connections now.
      • I open myself to possibility now. If I can think it and feel it, I can have it.
      • I now begin...

              • Specializing in Sculpting The Female Body
              • Brain Wave Entrainment Specialist
              • Mind over Matter instructor
              • Certified Plant-Based Dietician
              • Certified Wellness Coach
              • Guided Meditation Designer for brain re-Programming
              • Quantum Fitness & Yoga
              • Core Efficiency
              • Internationally acclaimed jazz-world-beat vocalist
              • Amnesty Int. endorsed artist
              • L.A. Music Awards recipient
              • World Music Awards recipient
              • International fitness and yoga instructor

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