Fitness- Ageless

We are more affected by society's common beliefs and collective agreements than we often realize.  When it comes to our fitness level, and body shape it definitely tends to dictate a person's idea of what is and isn't possible.

How often haven't we heard comments like "She looks really good for her age", or "Wow, I thought he was younger"... my motto, and my experiment is how to bypass the last part of the sentence "for her age".  To bypass buying into the collective beliefs of how one should look or what is to "be expected" at a certain age.  Our bodies are made up of over 50 TRILLION cells! Our body renews itself all the time.  Cells die, new one are formed, every second of every day.  Cells respond to environment, put your cells in a good environment and watch them thrive, put them in a toxic environment, watch them retract.  We are made up of an incredibly intelligent structure.  As an example, the lining of our gut is replaced every three to four days!  We are not the same body today that we were a week ago.  All these things point to the fact that we can heal, we can change, we can tone up and transform our bodies, our minds, we can strengthen, we can improve our shape, without limitation.  

A healthy plant based whole foods diet coupled with a solid fitness routine, and... an improved mindset, WILL show results.  Great results.  The mind is just as important in the transformational process as are the pure physical efforts we engage in.  

I encourage you to pick up the book Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza to learn more.