About Solvei

Solvei McKenna is an internationally recognized yoga/wholistic fitness & meditation instructor with over two decades of experience.   She is also educated in plant-based nutrition and an advocate of a plant based lifestyle.

Solvei is a published content writer on topics of health, meditation and yoga, and a subject matter expert for the global fitness certification company, the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers.  She has created the continuing educational units within the fitness industry on how to teach meditation. Solvei specializes in holistic wellness, stress reduction, integrating physical, emotional, and mental health through well-rounded exercise, plant-based nutrition and meditation.

Hailing from Norway, Solvei was introduced to yoga by her gymnastics coach at age 7. Solvei is a yoga therapist, fitness trainer and yoga instructor, drawing from her years as a gymnast, dancer and healer. 

yoga teazer from Solvei on Vimeo.

 After a 10 year professional dance career in Europe abruptly ended due to severe gymnastics and dance injuries, she used yoga and Pilates to bring her body back to health and full recovery. Yoga had such tremendously positive results in her life that she began teaching in Europe and since 2007 in Los Angeles. Solvei has a strong private clientele, as well as working a great deal with mental imbalances and addiction problems in teens as well as professional athletes and dancers.

Solvei built the yoga program at Malibu Health and Fitness for five consecutive years, up until 2009 when her music career took over. Solvei gives teacher training workshops and courses regularly in London, Oslo and in France where a good part of her education took place. In LA she worked closely with Bryan Kest, Brad Keimach, Max Strom and Gyrotonics founder, Juliu Horvath who she started learning from at age 18 in NY.  

Solvei’s teaching style and inspiration is strongly influenced by the late B.K.S Iyengar. Her classes are known to be very challenging and nurturing at the same time, mixing yoga styles and drawing from her own multi cultural and versatile background.


"Thank you Solvei! You kept us sane during trying times."
~ Cast and crew members of "Everybody loves Raymond"


 Solvei’s yoga classes taught me precise movements, but I didn’t even know this.  Also, to truly care for my body and really- my soul.  

Later, when our weekly classes wrapped up due to Solvei’s need to move away, I just started to discover what I knew, who I was and what I had learned.  I tried to find a yoga home, somewhere, I tried all the well known studios to go weekly as with Solvei.  Nothing fit, no one cared if I came or didn’t, no one took the time to correct me as gently, no one pushed me so slightly, said goodbye as lovingly or even learned my name – so corporate and cold.  
I hope you can experience Solvei’s classes and learn to flex, point, at the maximum times and be the warrior that you are meant to be.  What I did receive from these commercial yoga shops was a nice amount of compliments on my breathing and “correct” poses.  Thanks for being my first and best teacher, Solvei, and giving so much of yourself to your own practice.  I was always evident, you are the real deal.   
 Forever grateful and a friend.  You are my hero, Solvei. 

                                     ~ Tina Khorram


"One of the best experiences I have ever had with a yoga teacher.   Solvei is a perfect balance of strength, flexibility and spirituality.  Her teachings evolved our yoga practice and changed our lives.  
-  Yvonne DeLaRosa Actress/Film Maker



Solvei's enthusiasm and uniformly positive feedback make a hard workout fun.  I'm in the early stages of Parkinson's, and her workouts have given me a sense of balance and body awareness that have made my everyday life better, and have given me more strength and flexibility than I've had in years.

~ Jerry, USC professor


"Thank you deeply. Your patience, creativity, love, and ability to see me have been, and continue to be, indispensable on my path to freedom."

Louis Goldstein, Scientist 



"I wish to express how meaningful your teachings were to my life.  You were my first introduction to yoga and to this day, by far the best teacher I've experienced.  You created such a safe, focused, yet loving environment.  It was the highlight of my week. "
~ Holly Beaty, yoga instructor

"Your dedication and commitment to your clients shine through in every session, and no two sessions are a like!  Thank you for making such a difference in my life..."

~ Adam C. Hall, Entrepreneur, author

"I'm singing your praise!"
~ Tony Danza, actor



             Solvei’s yoga/fitness resume

Trained with:

Julio Horvath (founder of Gyrotonics)

Max Strom

Bryan Kest

Sean Corn

Brad Keimach

Christian Jorgensen

Taught at:

Malibu Yoga, Malibu

Malibu Health & Fitness, Malibu

Malibu Gym, Malibu

Malibu Fitness

5 Point yoga, Malibu

British Yoga Alliance, London

Antibes school of dance, France

The Jonathan Club, Los Angeles

Skullerud Sport center, Oslo

Asker Sport Center, Asker

LA Fitness, MDR & Westwood

24 hr Fitness, LA

LA Woman, LA

Hama Studio, Studio City, Studio City

Moro Landis Studio, Studio City

Santa Monica Dance Studio, Santa Monica

Centre de Danse Int. – Cannes and Nice, France

Oslo Extension University

The Norwegian Yoga School – Oslo

Ygdrasil Yoga School – France, England, Denmark and Norway



Private training practice since 2003

Celebrity clients

Corporate seminars

Teens with addictions

Eating disorder institutions

Clients include: Tony Danza The Hilton family, Robert Cabral, The Van Dykes, Adam Hall, cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, cast of Days of our lives among others.



Power yoga and Hatha mixed with healing work - All levels.

Body Tonic Class -A mix of Pilates, yoga, muscle sculpting and stretching – Intermediate and advanced levels.

Core and cross training –All levels