Happiness habit

Happiness habit

Life evolves, so does our music taste, so does our lifestyle and our level of awareness.

For as long as I can remember, my journey has been about facing my fears, getting comfortable in my skin, in my voice, and re-wiring the neurochemical pathways in my head so that joy and inner liberation could flourish.

The two professions I chose, or rather that chose me, music and yoga, both inspire and challenge my every turn, non complacent, not always comfortable, yet highly rewarding.  

As a little girl, I could never stand still, I was either dancing, running or tumbling. Sleep was something I reluctantly surrendered to, as the precious sweetness of being alive, would pass without my knowledge during those hours.   I am a bit greedy, because I don't want one moment of life get away from me, I want to be present for it all, even the turbulent times.

The famous yogi BKS Iyengar talked about greed.  And how we could demonstrate greed by wanting to grab onto life too much.  Staring down a sunset, devouring a lover... all good, yet it shifted my perception a bit reading his take, on greed. 

In American indian cultures much is spoken on walking in beauty, to walk softly on the earth, with respect, to reflect back the beauty and grace we ourselves would like to receive, is truly the path of the peaceful warrior, and what a noble goal it is.

When I fear that life slips by too fast without my full presence, I remind myself of Iyengar's statement about greed, and I relax my eyes, and sink into allowing time to shift the scene before my eyes, no matter how much I wish to hold on to the moment, as if I had any other choice really!

 A good music performance, a good yoga class, a good anything starts with a moment, and another moment, and with enough good moments strung together, a oneness happens.  A safe guard is this, start and end with love. 

Life is so generous, it gives us new opportunities every second, to re-commit, re focus, re-set our intentions, and be open to all the POSITIVE "what if's".

The inner critic can be domineering, telling us we are not deserving of the goodness, we are not allowed to be happy, without a "reason".  What if happiness, inner joy, explosive energy, was completely independent of what happens to us, or what the world is reflecting back at us?  Are we truly allowed to exercise the "happiness muscle" just... because?  Regardless of our circumstances?

I shout YES!!!

Sitting down in the recording studio, starts with an idea, that idea needs development.  The idea is nurtured.  I never waited for a finished album to fall into my hands, but I created one from scratch, or sometimes just an idea.  Why not the same for happiness? Instead of waiting for the world to show us something we can be happy about, why not give ourselves permission to be happy for no reason. Like anything in this world, it is a habit.  A habit to be happy.  Then watch what happens. You just took charge and turned it around.  Instead of the old thinking ways of cause and effect, you CAUSE an effect.  We can exercise our happiness muscle (safety muscles, joy,... fill in the blank muscles) anytime!  We can start anytime, now is good...

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